Onnen Bock was born in Berlin in 1973. He worked several years as a musical assistant and sound engineer with the Berlin Philharmonic and as a theater sound engineer at the Volksbühne Berlin. He was involved in over 30 album productions. 

Onnen Bock played on his parents' neglected grand piano as a toddler, first with his feet and later, inspired by Keith Jarrett, Steve Reich and Terry Riley, with his hands as well. 

For us he develops electronic soundscapes and musical structures with sounds from analogue synthesizers, effect devices, electric piano and acoustic instruments such as double bass, the Indian sarod and effect percussion. 

Here are some audio samples from one of his past projects:

Simon Oelsner (*1990) sings and plays various instruments such as guitar, piano, flute, saxophone and handpan. As M.A . intermedial art therapist, he combines music, movement and art therapy and creates open spaces for improvisation, dance and self encounter. Elements from soul, funk, experimental music, world and piano music influence him just as much as experiences with contact improvisation, trance dance, Tango Argentino, 5-rhythms and meditation. With his current solo project "Herr Winter" (, Simon Oelsner plays concerts throughout northern Germany. 

Pauline Diringer is a music teacher and multi-instrumentalist. She sings and plays the violin, handpan, piano, percussion, shruti box and kalimba with a special interest in ambient, jazz, classical, world music and spatial soundscapes. 

Felix Morten is a multi-instrumentalist, social worker and dance and expression therapist. He sings, plays guitar and mandolin, writes his own songs and has a lot of experience working with various bands and artists. In his musical work he moves in a variety of different music styles such as gypsy jazz, funk, blues, rock, pop, metal, folk, lofi and experimental music. Felix has also been dancing Contact Improvisation himself for the past eight years and is leading jams and classes. The interweaving and interplay between musical and dance improvisations is particularly fulfilling for him. 

Šárka Benedová is a Czech performer based in Norway with a focus on contemporary dance and saxophone - as separate entities as well as fluid partners in expression. Šárka holds a BA in contemporary dance and pedagogy from the Music and Arts University of Vienna. Ever since I first experienced CI, I knew it will always be a significant part of my professional practice. I really enjoy the way you get to explore your own body in different contexts and situations with different partners, finding meanings without words. Over the years, I have gathered experience in facilitating CI to a wide spectrum of practitioners - from beginners to professional movers. 

Thomas Duesmann combines traditional and modern elements in his beautiful, calming and virtuose solo guitar songs. While being a Project Manager by trade and an Oldschooler by conviction Duesmann is not pushing his music into the world. Thats not what its made for, its not what Duesmann came for. This music is introverted, fragile and confidential.

 Oliver Nani is a Danish/Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist (singer, piano, clarinet and various string instruments). His sound universes are diverse, poetic, and deeply moving at times and subtly present at other times. He is very influenced by classical minimalism, children’s music, experimental world music, neo classical and songwriter stuff. As a musical space holder, he draws on his extensive experience with meditation, contact improvisation and authentic relating, holding an ideal of dialogic musical attunement with what unfolds.
 Hear some of his music: