Awakened Body

Christoph Arndt - Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition, Bodywork



Awakened Body was born from the desire to create extraordinary, multi-sensorically and deeply touching experiences through combining and interrelating improvised dance, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, movement research, bodywork, mutual learning and responsive life music. 

The person behind that vision is me, Christoph Arndt, born and grown up in a small town in northern germany. I’m an organizer, dancer, dance teacher, yoga teacher, bodyworker and registered nurse. Currently I’m living in Schönberg(Meckl), intermittend in Berlin and also spend time traveling to further my studies in dance and movement. 


When first being exposed to Contact Improvisation in 2016, I was in awe by it’s abundance of possibilities, it’s seemingly infinite potential to unify various artistic, movement, and therapeutic approches and it’s capability to serve as a catalyzer for self-awareness within social contexts and the fullfilling of various human needs in a mature and responsible way. Thus it brought together many puzzle pieces that were already waiting in the wings. 

Not much time passed by until I found myself eagerly studying CI and related movement disciplines such as contemporary dance and axis syllabus with international teachers like Vega Luukkonen, Jörg Hassmann, Yaniv Mintzer, Tim O’Donnell, Kira Kirsch, Antoine Ragot, Katja Mustonen, Karen Nelson, Scott Wells and many others in many hours of private courses. I continuously keep researching and learning with international teachers and create my own dance and movement material.

My natural tendency for asthetics and refinement led me to merge different movement and somatic approaches to broaden the abundance of possibilities and intensify the experiences we can gain through dance and improvisation. 

Therefor I love to indulge in the realm of subtle bodywork, practical research of movement principles(fascial recoil, momentum, suspension….) and it’s infinte combinations. I work with imagination as source for movement, anatomic research, improvisation, smooth and spicy sequences, interrelation with music, ideas from martial arts like Thai Chi and Capoeira, space awareness and whatever curiosity catches my attention. 

I teach and organize workshops and classes on different subjects of CI since 2018 and started organizing CI dance camps in 2021, when I converted the huge garden of a family house into an occasional playground for passionate movement lovers.

Since then I increased my focus on organizing and developing well protected und supportive learning and retreat frames with the aim to supply superior spaces for collaborative learning, multiartistic co-creations and warm-hearted human encounters.

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